Is Pure Ascorbic Acid Powder Safe To Use?

Yes, ascorbic acid powder or C vitamin is safe for human consumption. However, regardless of its form, if you take it in large quantities, it might lead to health problems. There are reduced chances of getting into contact with C vitamin powder, unless you are employed in a company that deals with it. More so, if you can some vegetables and fruits on your own, then powdered C vitamin can be a perfect product to preserve their freshness and color. Utilizing powdered vitamin C needs only simple and few precautions.

Ascorbic Acid Powder Is Pure Ascorbic Acid Powder Safe To Use?Safe dosages of ascorbic acid powder
Apart from supplements, your daily diet can be a perfect source of C vitamin. If you take a diet that consists of ample vegetables and fresh fruits, then you should be assured to receive plenty ascorbic acid to serve your daily requirements. Alternatively, you can purchase some vitamin supplements and they will provide C vitamin in the right doses. The doses range from 25 milligrams to 1,000 milligrams. A male adult requires a dosage of 90 mg every day, while a female adult requires about 75 mg daily.

On the other category or children, they require at least 15 mg every day. If an adult consumes over 2,000 mg per day, the excessive intake can lead to digestive distress, as well as, diarrhea. Children are more vulnerable than adult when they consume excess of ascorbic acid powder. The right approach that you should use is to acquire advice from a personal physician before you consume over 1,000 mg of C vitamin or giving to your kids.

Distinct forms of ascorbic acid powder
If you exposed powdered ascorbic powder to humidity or dissolve it in water, it will oxidize quickly. There are numerous supplements that give C vitamin in dry solid form in order to secure potency, as well as, improve the product’s shelf life. Chewable tablets and capsules of C vitamin can store perfectly if your safeguard them from heat, light and moisture.

Consequently, there are a few vitamin supplements that provide C vitamin in powdered form, but consist of additional ingredients. Taking one spoon of powder supplement to your favorite juice can add a secure ascorbic acid amount. However, you should take note that when you add at least one teaspoon of natural ascorbic acid crystals, it can supply 3,000 milligrams of C vitamin, which is ample for making an adult sick.

Ascorbic acid powder crystalline dust
A powdered crystalline of ascorbic acid is able to preserve effectively. More so, it provides a perfect room for accurate measurement, as well as, its mixing for utilization as a diet additive. When you add solutions of ascorbic acid to your vegetables and fruits, it can prevent them from getting brown after peeling and cutting. You will be at high risks of getting toxic exposure of C vitamin powder if you work in an industry that deals with it. In case you inhale ascorbic acid, it can cause coughs and sore throats, eye pain, and eyes or skin reddening.

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